Il Belvedere dell'Angelo

In occasion of its first 50 years in the cure of the art of Hospitality (1961 - 2011), the Maison is enriched by the splendid panoramic terrace, where the buffet breakfast is served. Suspended between the lake and the sky, the Location is ideal for the setting of charming events, private and familiar parties, Holy Communion, Confirmation, small concerts, theme nights. The terrace is plunged in a characteristic "limonaia" in stone and wood, which still nowadays produces organic citrus, following an antique Garda technique. Even Goethe, during his trip to Italy, told in verse the Garda as a land of lemons:


"Do you know the land where the lemon trees blossom?
Among dark leaves the golden oranges glow.
A gentle breeze from blue skies drifts.
The myrtle is still, and the laurel stands high.
Do you know it well?
There, there
would I go with you, my beloved!"